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Soapstone Countertop Fabrication & Installation in Clifton, Hillside and Linden
What are the benefits of a Soapstone Countertop?

Natural stone known as soapstone has a long history of being used as sculptural material in addition to being used for countertops and backsplashes. The stone has a natural capacity to darken, so as time passes, it will become steadily darker and take on a specific pattern. Mineral oil might speed up this process as well. The stone is not only exceptionally beautiful but also easy to maintain. Unlike other stones, the material is heat and stain resistant and does not require sealing. It can be applied to fireplace surrounds, countertops, as well as decorative elements like floor or wall tiles. We have outlined a few benefits below of having soapstone countertops:

Resistant to Bacteria and Stains

Kitchen surfaces are perfect for soapstone because of its nonporous, stain-resistant qualities. You can simply remove germs and impurities from your countertop and backsplash by wiping. The nonporous qualities mean it doesn’t have small holes and crevices to absorb liquids or bacteria.

Very low maintenance

For decades, carvings, cookware, and household items have been produced from soapstone. The durability of this natural material is beneficial for homeowners looking for a dependable solution for their renovation project. Because soapstone has more talc than other natural stones, it is more pliable and less brittle than other stones, which prevents it from cracking or chipping with temperature or pressure changes. Because soapstone is so dense, surfaces in high-traffic kitchen and bathroom rooms last a longer than other natural stones.

Thermal Properties

Because of its thermal characteristics, soapstone may take in, store, and emit heat from its surroundings, which is why it’s a great choice for high-temperature applications, such as tile flooring and firebricks. In fact, soapstone increases the effectiveness of your fireplace by absorbing heat and slowly dissipating it into the room for hours, keeping your area more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Ages beautifully over time

Beyond its usefulness, soapstone is a lovely natural stone that works well in both classic and contemporary settings. Through regular use, a natural patina forms. It is simple to accelerate the aging process of soapstone in order to obtain a darker finish more quickly by using a mineral oil or wax. Contrary to other surfaces that exhibit wear and tear and require resurfacing or replacement, soapstone surfaces get better with age because of the rich tone.

Hillside, NJ Soapstone Countertop Fabricators

At Artistic Stone, our soapstone countertop fabricator utilizes cutting-edge technology. All material preparation, cutting, fabrication of edge profiles, fabrication of cut-outs (for sinks), drilling of accessory and faucet holes, demos and installs of backsplashes, and sink mounting are things we manage. We are committed to offering superb stonework, superior customer service, and dedication to superb craftsmanship. From beginning to end, we provide professional fabrication services while taking the time to interact with you.

Professional Soapstone Installation in Hillside, NJ

Artistic Stone, which is licensed and insured, completes all installations of soapstone countertops. We take considerable care during the installation process to ensure a perfect result. Throughout the installation process, our soapstone countertop installer will take every precaution to keep any enclosed spaces as dust-free as possible. Any under-mounted sinks will be installed, and we’ll also take measurements for the faucets and cooktops. You can use your new Soapstone countertop and take pleasure in your kitchen when we’ve finished cleaning and removed all of the debris from the installation process.
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In addition to our highly trained craftsmen, we also use cutting-edge technology to efficiently cut and shape material. This enables us to shorten lead times and provide you with the best rates.

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Each project is unique and we work with a variety of natural and engineered stones. Our professional team of designers will help you choose the right stone for your project.

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