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Quartzite Countertop Fabrication & Installation in Clifton, Hillside and Linden

Due to its elegant appearance, inherent strength, and low maintenance requirements, quartzite is becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. It is frequently seen with a leathered, honed, or polished surface, making it ideal for both rustic kitchens and bathrooms and modern, opulent interiors. Applications including kitchen counters, work surfaces, tables, and feature walls become elegant and practical showpieces because to quartzite’s crystalline shine. Here are a few reasons why choosing Quartzite countertops for your home can be a good choice.

It is Resilient to scratches and scuffs

Customers who want the appearance of marble worktops but need something more durable can choose quartzite slabs. Quartzite is actually harder than granite, scoring a 7 on the Mohs scale. It is the perfect choice for situations that call for stronger materials due to its amazing strength and endurance.

Easy to Maintain

Quartzite is heat resistant, withstands etching and scratches, and is simple to clean and disinfect. A simple solution of soap and warm water will keep the surface looking beautiful; there is no need to invest in pricey cleaners.

Highly resistant to UV rays

This aids in avoiding surface fading. Quartzite is a perfect material for outdoor use or in a space with direct sunlight. With its high resilience, it can maintain its shine and luster without much effort indoor or out.

Natural Stone Colors

Natural stone quartzite typically takes on earthy tones of white or gray with undertones of brown or black. Because of its versatile neutral tones, quartzite is a preferred material given the current trend toward lighter surfaces. Occasionally, because of impurities that affected the hue, you can obtain naturally colored quartzite that is blue, green, pink, or red. The amount of iron oxide present, the region the stone is from, and the age of the stone are only a few of the variables that affect color variation.

Hillside, NJ Quartzite Countertop Fabricators

We utilize modern technology at Artistic Stone for our in-house quartzite countertop fabricator. We perform all material preparation, cutting, fabrication of edge profiles, fabrication of cut-outs (for sinks), drilling of faucet holes and accessory holes, demos and installations of backsplashes and countertops, and sink mounting. We are dedicated to providing outstanding stonework, excellent customer service, and commitment to excellent craftsmanship. We take the time to communicate with you and offer skilled fabrication services from start to finish.

Professional Quartzite Installation in Hillside, NJ

All quartzite countertop installations are completed by Artistic Stone, which is licensed and insured. In order to achieve a faultless installation, we take great care during the installation procedure. Our quartz countertop installer will take every measure to maintain any enclosed spaces as dust-free as possible throughout the installation procedure. We’ll install any under-mounted sinks and measure the faucets and cooktops for size as well. Once we’ve cleaned and cleared out all of the debris, you may utilize your new quartzite countertop and enjoy your kitchen.
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We Transform Stone into Beautiful Kitchen Countertops, Vanities, Sinks, Fireplaces, and more.
Superior Craftsmanship

In addition to our highly trained craftsmen, we also use cutting-edge technology to efficiently cut and shape material. This enables us to shorten lead times and provide you with the best rates.

Material Choices

Each project is unique and we work with a variety of natural and engineered stones. Our professional team of designers will help you choose the right stone for your project.

Customers Come First

We take satisfaction in meticulously organizing and completing each step of the process while keeping your demands at the forefront of our minds.

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