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Design Ideas to Use Slate in Your Next Project

When used properly, slate may give any space a modern appearance. Using slate flooring in the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom is one of the most creative ways to give your client’s house a modern vibe. Slate has a rustic appearance, yet certain color combinations and patterns can give it a high-end edge. Below are a few ideas how you can use slate for your next remodeling project:

Fireplace Hearth

A fireplace made of natural stone may give a space a cozy atmosphere while keeping it contemporary. Slate can be used to build hearths that are smooth or textured, and because it resists fire, it is safer to employ than many other building materials.

Kitchen Backsplash

Making a contemporary kitchen backsplash out of slate tiles is another method to benefit from the material’s resilience to water. Slate can be painted in a variety of hues to mimic other natural stones found in the kitchen, such marble or granite. The client can be sure that their walls are safe because slate is watertight.

Chalkboard Wall

For your client, you can make a chalkboard wall by coating the entire wall in pure black slate. Slate is more expensive than chalkboard paint, but it lasts longer and is easier to clean. It’s a great way to design an elegant feature for families with kids. The best part is that you can apply both concepts in the same space to create a modern design because the black blends in nicely with the many hues of slate flooring. It’s not just fashionable; it’s also useful.

Modern designs are common in construction, so coming up with one that stands out demands some imagination. One approach to improve your client’s home is by installing slate flooring. No two designs will ever be the same due of the range of colors and textures.

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