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3 Different Types of Marble

Marble comes in a plethora of hues that are utilized for both interior and outdoor building. A different hue might be utilized to enhance the aesthetics of a room or building depending on the type and architecture of the building. Here are three types of marble that are frequently used in construction:

White Marble

White marble’s crispness promotes purity and accuracy. It gives any room space and light. Along with kitchens and bathrooms, limited spaces often include white marble. Thankfully, white can be paired with a variety of colored marbles, including black, to provide distinctive interior designs.

Types of white marble include:

  • Blanco Macael
  • Blanco Ibiza
  • Blanco Franco
  • Blanco Carrara
  • Antique white marble
  • Oriental white marble

Cream Marble

Any section of a home or building benefits from the pleasant ambiance that the cream color generates when combined with beige and ivory, two neutral colors. One of the most widely used marble colors is cream, which is preferred by many architects and interior decorators.

Types of cream marble include:

  • Oyster cream
  • Ivory cream
  • Crema Valencia
  • Afyon cream

Black Marble

Black is often thought of as being opulent and elegant. Black marble should only be utilized in well-lit areas and sizable rooms, such as spacious kitchens. In addition, black marble can be used for facades and cladding

Types of black marble include:

  • Monterey black marble
  • Black marble pebble
  • Black forest marble
  • Negro Marquina marble

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